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   Space Rental Fees
Registration Fee   175.00 / US$ 190.00
Floor space -per 1 Sqm.6 to 36 Sqm. 350.00 / US$ 378.00
Floor space -per 1 Sqm.37 to 48 Sqm 321.00 / US$ 347.00
Floor space -per 1 Sqm.49 to 60 Sqm. 300.00 / US$ 325.00
Floor space -per 1 Sqm.61 Sqm. and up 281.00 / / US$ 304.00
For additional "Modular Construction Package" + carpet included  75.00 / US$ 81.00 (per each 1 Sqm.)

* Registration fee includes the following: companys web link on Israchem's official website (this website will
  be updated 3 weeks before the exhibition and will stay updated for 3 months after the exhibition).
* Special early bird registration pricing: 10% discount on floor space only, for those who register before
  August 15th, 2016.
* Floor space only: does not include construction or any additions.
* Israeli firms must add V.A.T to all prices.


Modular Construction Package includes (6 sqm. minimum)

Two side panels and a back wall (modular stand height is 2.46 meter). Additional panels can be ordered to divide the  stand into separate sections.
Fascia sign that includes company name in Hebrew or English (10 letters per running meter) placed on exhibition booth. Corner stands may have company name displayed on each side of exhibition booth.
Two chairs, one table and one shelf per stand up to 8 Sqm.
Spotlights - one per frontage running meter.
One electrical outlet of one kilowatt per 8 Sqm. Additional power supply including three-phase sockets etc. can be ordered and paid for separately.

* Carpet: It is strongly recommended that you should carpet your space.
Carpet costing is  10.00/ US$ 11.00 per 1 Sqm.


Looking to stand out from the crowd?
Boost your brand by becoming a sponsor at the exhibition & conferences.
For various sponsorship opportunities and to create a customized package to meet your companys objectives, please contact us: mlilos@stier-group.com, Tel: +972-3-5626090 #3.

Conditions of registration for the Exhibition include:
* The exhibition brochure and its appendix. * Stier Groups Registration Form including Terms & Conditions, the Exhibitor's Instruction Manual   as well as updates on the exhibition official website.
The exhibition floor plan and concurrent events is subject to changes.