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Exhibitior's Manual
      Exhibitor's Instructions and Information
Subject                                      Description        File           
General GuidelinesA. Timetable, Check list and Payments                       
B. Exhibition Area
C. Constructed Area 
D. Un-constructed area
E. Outdoor stands
F. General Instructions
G. Additional Services
Exhibition Terms and Conditions      Exhibition Terms and Conditions   Cool

Subject                                           Description                                          File             
Constructed area         Form no. 1 - Standard Services for constructed area  Cool
PublishingForm no. 2 - Publishing in the catalogue Cry
Electricity Form no. 3 - Electricity request  Cool
24 Hours electricity Form no. 4 - 24 Hours electricity request  Cool
Furniture & equipments Form no. 6 - Furniture & equipments request  Cool
Furniture's picturesForm no. 6 - Furniture's pictures Cool
Water point Form no. 7 - Water point request  Cool

Transport, Customs Clearance, Storage
Shipping Instructions - Amit Ltd.Cool