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Price List

> Space Rental Fees
> Modular Construction Package
> Designers Avenue
> Registration Conditions
> Exhibition Brochure & Appendix

Exhibition Fees
Exhibition Space (Floor space only) -1 sqm.4 sqm. minimum 380.00 | US$ 410.00 + VAT


Special reduced price for members of the Israel Jewelry Manufacturers
Association and the Israel Export & International Institute
Exhibition Space (Floor space only)- 1 sqm.4 sqm. minimum 350.00 | US$ 380.00 + VAT


Modular Constructed Booth
Modular Constructed Booth -1 sqm.4 sqm. minimum 115.00 | US$ 120.00 + VAT


Modular Constructed Booth (description)
 White partitions
 Fascia board with exhibitors name in
  Hebrew & English.
 1 spotlight - per each 1 frontage 
  running meter.
 1 Kw electricity outlet.
 Glass-fronted display cabinet -
  (including locking, without lighting)
 1 Shelf.
 2 chairs.





Display Unit at the Designers Avenue Area   
 1 Display Unit1.5 sqm. 875.00 | US$ 946.00 + VAT


Display Unit at the Designers Avenue Area(description)                                                 
 1 Display stand: 1 (width) X 1.5 (depth) 
  = 1.5 sqm.
 Back panel - 100 cm (width) X 246 cm
 Fascia board with exhibitors name in 
  Hebrew & English.
 Glass-fronted display cabinet
 - 102X52X100 cm.
  (including locking, without lighting)
 1 spotlight (100 W).
 1 chair.



*VAT will be paid according to the Israeli tax regulations.

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Conditions of registration for the Exhibition include:
* The exhibition brochure and its appendix.
* Stier Groups Registration Form including Terms & Conditions, the Exhibitor's Instruction Manual 
  as well as updates on the exhibition official website.
The exhibition floorplan and concurrent events is subject to changes.